Website Design

It's hard to define what a great web site is, but when you see one, you know it. It’s pleasing to the eye, has information you can locate quickly,  and the navigation makes sense. To design one of these “great” web sites requires technical skill, but just as important is an understanding the business itself. I will spend a lot of time getting to know you and your business before the design work even begins.

How much will my web site cost? That's the question I get asked most often. It’s like asking “what does a house cost?” Do you want a two-bedroom starter house or a five-bedroom brick house with a pool and tennis court? "Depends on what you want" is the best answer.

However here are some very general estimates of website prices: $300-$500 for a 3 page "starter" site for those on a budget. A "starter" site in general, would include a couple of photos, and a logo, all furnished by the customer, and these sites are typically 1-3 pages. Even though I call these "starter" sites, for lots of folks these become permanent sites. 

If you need more photos or more pages or more customization, the price goes up from there.  Please understand that the above pricing is very general.

You need not know ANYTHING about websites or website design. I offer turnkey solutions including domain name (what you will call your site, for example) registration, design, and website hosting (usually around $25 per month).

I wlll handle all the details for you.

Please email me with any questions about your website.